SecureCRT : Logging

Logging your session when doing any kind of network work is very important and can save your ass. It has saved mines on multiple occasions. One reason is it allows you to look back and see what you may have done wrong, so you can troubleshoot a issue more effectively. Other reasons are it give you the user a quick way to backup a device if you show the configuration file when working on it. I make it a habit of showing the configuration file before I do any work, so I always have a back out strategy incase something goes wrong.

SecureCRT Logging

Options > Edit Session Defaults

File path to where you are storing your logs /Logs/%M-%D-%Y/%S (%H) — %h-%m.log

Start Log Upon Connect

Append to File

Start recording S (%H) – %h:%m:%s

Stop recording S (%H) – %h:%m:%s

Happy Logging!

Cisco/Brocade : Basic Similar Commands

  • Here are some basic switch commands and the Cisco to Brocade differences, even though the OS’s are similar they have some subtle differences.




Configure a VLAN

Interface vlan 2

Vlan 2

Configure a trunk port

Int fa0/1

Switchport trunk encap dot1q

Switchport mode trunk

Vlan 2

Tagged eth 0/1/1

Vlan 3

Tagged eth 0/1/1

Vlan 4

Tagged eth 0/1/1

Interface ethernet 0/1/1

Dual-mode 1

Configure a access port

Int fa0/1

Switchport access vlan 2

Vlan 2

Untagged eth 0/0/1

Configure an IP address on a VLAN

Int vlan2

Ip address

Vlan 2

Router interface ve 1

Interface ve1

Ip address

Configure a range of ports

Int range fa0/1-10

Int eth 0/1/1 to 0/1/5

Configure a port for both voice and data vlans

Int fa0/1

Switchport access vlan2

Switchport voice vlan3


Tagged eth 0/1/1


Tagged eth 0/1/1

Inter eth 0/1/1

Dual-mode 1

Voice-vlan 3

Inline power

Show the interface status of a port/vlan

Sh int fa0/1

Show int eth 0/1/1

See CDP Neighbors

Show cdp neighbors

Show fdp neighbors

Brocade : SSH Setup

Delete Crypto Key

Conf t

Crypto key zeroize

Generate Key Pair

Conf t

Crypto key generate <CR> – will create a DSA Key pair

crypto key generate rsa modulus 2048 – 2048 RSA Key

Create Local Username and Password

Username nocadmin password <password>

Enable AAA

Aaa authentication login default local


Show who – shows SSH connections

Cisco : IOS Upgrade to Denali


You can copy the files to the router from your local pc with the Fenix web server.

Right click on the file in the Fenix web browser > copy link > use the copy command on the device.

Copy OS file to flash:

Copy usbflash0:<filename> flash:<filename>

                  verify /md5 bootflash:<image_file>

On XE 3.x

software install file flash:<filename> new force

On Denali 16.x

request platform software package install switch all file flash: <filename> auto-copy


Clean OS’s in Denali

Request platform software package clean switch all file flash:

If Versions are Mismatches in XE

% Switch # is running incompatible software.

Compatible software must be installed on this switch before performing the current operation.

Switch#software auto-upgrade

If Versions are Mismatches in Denali

device(config)#software auto-upgrade enable


request platform software package install autoupgrade